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What is SEO Roadmaps?

SEO Roadmaps is an online app that does all the research for you so you can start ranking all your articles on page 1.

It automatically tracks each article's progress so you can get more of the right kind of organic traffic to your site. It uses Google for all its research and is 100% Google compliant. No tricks.

How Long Should An Article Be?

It will tell you precisely how long an article should be to achieve a page 1 ranking. No more guesswork. No more second hand opinions from people you don't know or trust. All the research comes direct from Google.

If you want to know which on-page links matter, the software shows you all internal and external links to the top 10 pages (and gives you a bunch more research possibilities at the same time).

If you're not using Google to research your articles, you're not doing research. The problem is, it takes hours to do it properly. SEO Roadmaps cuts that down to seconds. But it does much more than that...

Automatic Article Tracking

As soon as you've written your article, let SEO Roadmaps know where it's published and it will start tracking its position in Google automatically every week.

If an article starts dropping, you rerun the latest research, update the article, leave a note to remind yourself what you did, and check again every week until the article starts rising. The competition will have no idea what you're up to.

SEO Roadmaps runs on all platforms - Windows, Apple, Laptops, iPads and Tablets (it's an online app, so you just log in using any browser). You can research up to 100 articles every month and track 1200 articles every week (that's way more than most people need).

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How Do I Get Started?

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