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Best YouTube Ranking Videos

The first thing to know about all top ranking videos is that they’re music videos.

No surprise there, but if you want to be in the very top of all ranking videos, the first step is to become a pop or rock celebrity – or become involved with one and persuade them to let you shoot their next video 🙂

So if you’re more concerned with getting your (non pop music) video to go viral, then it might be a good idea to somehow incorporate it with something to do with pop celebs or their music.

This is why all those lyric videos became popular of course.

Before we move on to talking about top ranking videos that may give you ideas you can copy to promote your business, let’s briefly look at the very top videos.

Number 1 YouTube Video Of All Time

“Despacito” has very close to 4 billion views.

There’s only 7.2 billion of us on the planet remember, so if you haven’t heard it yet, it’s like saying you’ve never heard “Happy Birthday To you”.

It’s been banned by some countries for its apparently un-islamic lyrics (whenever anything is banned it does well).

It has all the usual stuff. Good looking men, sexy women, reggae style latin beat, and it’s sung in Spanish to add that little extra mystique (for non Spanish speakers obviously).

It was the first video to surpass 3 billion views on YouTube, so already holds a hard to beat record (and it’s very shortly going to be the first to 4 billion too).

The takeaway from this is to add something controversial that gets your video banned (ideally by the people your audience see as antagonists). You don’t need much else to stand out though if this is anything to go by.

One Billion YouTube Views

There are only 79 videos that have surpassed 1 billion views on YouTube, so bearing that in mind, attempting to make something to each a billion is probably a big waste of time – it’s only going to happen if you hit the zeitgeist big time.

Which is great, because it means you can lower your sights and not get too stressed about producing another Gangnam Style.

Non Music YouTube Video

The video with the most likes that is non-music is from a fast talking kid who speaks in Portuguese. I really have no idea what this is about other than some rant about life.

But with 3 million likes (and only 34k dislikes) it’s obviously red hot in YouTube terms.

It’s got over 40m views too, which is not too shabby.

The only thing you can learn from this is that if you look pretty ordinary, talk at high speed, wear a shirt with skulls on it, and rant and rant and rant, you too may go viral.

Fastest Million YouTube Video Likes

The viral video titled “Can this video hit 1 million likes?” (yep, that really is it’s title) hit 1m likes in under 4 hours (and made it to 2 million just 15 hours later).

Six of the top ten non music YouTube video Top Likes chart are not in English.

Most Disliked YouTube Video

Justin Bieber set numerous records on YouTube, but his most notorious is setting the record for the most dislikes on a single video.

It was for his song “Baby” featuring Ludacris, which is also very high in the all time top videos with 1.7bn views. However, it’s not just that this has the most dislikes, it’s that the dislikes outnumber the likes!

So here it is. Make up your own mind:

The Most Viral Video (non music)

If you’re of a delicate disposition, you should avoid this section. I won’t even mention the No 1 non music viral video – or for that matter the number 2 video either.

In fact, let’s jump right down to number 13, which is Matt Harding’s “Dancing Matt” video. Awesome.

In the video below, Matt explains how he did it:

If you want to go viral, just dance your way around the world dancing with as many people as possible. Talk about leverage! It’s really that simple.

Most YouTube Subscribers

You knew this was never going to go some serious or important humanity thing, right!

The climate change or greenpeace people were never going to get a look-in. I mean how cares about the planet and the world and wars and starvation and all that stuff when you can become a PewDiePie subscriber.

And on that note let’s leave it at that.